Performing Mock Trials, Mock Juries, Focus Groups, Trial Simulations, and  
providing Jury Consultant and Litigation Consultant services for more than 40 years


We provide our services throughout the United States for both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

What distinguishes our services is that we do not merely “set up” Mock Trials and Focus Groups. Dr. Sherbel is a Litigation Consultant in addition to being a Jury Consultant. We study the case file, assist with the preparation of the presentations, create the infrastructure for the Trial Simulation to be held anywhere in the country, and we preside over the Jury Research. We analyze the results and then provide suggestions regarding; case strategy, trial themes, visual aids, presentation styles, settlement value, Voir Dire and Jury Selection.

Jury and Trial Strategy Consultants

Steven D. Sherbel, Ph.D.


7021 Yorkshire Court

West Bloomfield MI 48322


(248) 255-1184


Director: Steven D. Sherbel, Ph.D.

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