Dr. Sherbel is a nationally known litigation consultant who has been performing Mock Trials and Focus Groups for 39 years. He provides his services to both Plaintiffs and Defendants throughout the United States. He has worked on cases spanning many different areas of law, including; Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation, Product Liability, Employment Law, Professional Negligence, Personal Injury, Toxic Torts, and others. Many of the cases upon which Dr. Sherbel has worked have been of national significance. 

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Two of our policies distinguish us from our peers:

  • In addition to setting-up the infrastructure for a Trial Simulation (anywhere in the United States), Dr. Sherbel will study the case file, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the respective Parties. He will then advise the Mock Trial presenters as to how they can make their arguments more understandable and more persuasive to trial jurors, including suggesting the use of visual aids.
  • It is our practice to avoid creating a “rosy scenario” at our Trial Simulations. Identifying the true potential for risk protects both the client and the law firm. Therefore, Dr. Sherbel will work most closely with the attorney who is presenting the case of the opposing Party.

Jury and Trial Strategy Consultants

Steven D. Sherbel, Ph.D.


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